Zhengzhou Xiangyu Foundry Materials Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in research, development, production and operation of raw and auxiliary Foundry materials, a member of China Foundry Association Council, the enterprise of an assistant chief of Henan Foundry Association, a standing director unit of professional materials committee of China Foundry Association and an earliest leading enterprise of China Foundry Materials Industry. The company consists of a sales company as headquarter, four plants, and one research and development center; headquarter is on the No. 96 of Second Street, Zhengzhou National Economic and Technology Development Zone.

  Its products cover almost 300 kinds in six groups, including precision casting shell materials, furan resin curing agent series, casting coatings and auxiliary materials, furnace-making materials and special refractory materials. The brand of Xiangyu ranks in Top Ten Brands of China Foundry Materials. Its key products including bauxite sand and powder,casting coatings and furnace lining ramming materials have won the Jinding Prize of National Foundry Materials ang provincial and municipal High Quality and  Well -known Product Prize;what is more,they are given high praise by the foundry industry.The company aims at a famous brang by serving the worldwide foundry industry.The compang aims at a famous brand by serving the worldwide foundry industry.The company aims at a famous brand by serving the worldwide foudry industry with its high-quality products and perfect service.

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