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  • 产品名称: Quartz sand (powder)

The quartz sand (powder) produced by the Company is produced from natural quartz through crashing, water rinsing, screening, grading and other procedures. This product has a high SiO2 content, low mud content and high reusability; the kernels are centralized even granularity, and in the form of polygon. It can be used for cast steel, roughing sand for precision casting, furnace making and repair and casting sandblast. The quartz powder is applicable for refractory aggregates of coatings of cast steel, cast iron and nonferrous alloy castings.

Main performance indexes:

Common granularity: 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-70mesh, 50-100mesh, 150mesh, 170mesh, 200mesh, 320mesh.

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